Mirrlees Blackstone

Power Resources can supply a range of suitable Mirrlees Blackstone engine parts both wear and non-wear components including:

  • Cylinder head reconditioning
  • Cylinder head inlet and exhaust valves
  • Inlet and exhaust valve seats
  • Valve springs
  • Valve guides
  • Valve collets
  • Fuel injection nozzles
  • Fuel injection pump elements
  • Pre-ignition chamber
  • Cylinder head gasket kits
  • Cylinder liners
  • Piston rings
  • Piston plain bearings
  • Conrod bearings
  • Main bearings

History of Mirrlees Blackstone

Mirrlees Blackstone was a British engineering company that specialized in the manufacturing of diesel engines, particularly for marine and industrial applications. The company was formed through a series of mergers and acquisitions involving the original companies, Mirrlees National Gas & Oil Engine Co. Ltd. and Blackstone & Co.

Mirrlees National Gas & Oil Engine Co. Ltd. was founded by Charles Day and H. N. Mirrlees in 1908. The company originally manufactured gas engines but shifted its focus to diesel engines in the 1920s. Blackstone & Co., founded by Edward C. R. Blackstone in 1837, was initially involved in the production of agricultural machinery and later moved into manufacturing diesel engines.

In 1969, Mirrlees National was acquired by Hawker Siddeley, a British industrial conglomerate, and merged with Blackstone & Co. to form Mirrlees Blackstone. The new company continued to produce a range of diesel engines for various applications, such as marine propulsion, power generation, and locomotive engines.

Over the years, Mirrlees Blackstone went through several ownership changes. In 1988, it was acquired by the American company General Electric (GE), and later, in 1997, it became a part of the Rolls-Royce Group. Eventually, the Mirrlees Blackstone brand ceased to exist, as its operations were integrated into the larger companies that acquired it.